3D-Analyze 1.0

A simple tool that lets older operating systems run newer 3D games, takes stress of your system

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If your computer is starting to show its age and you worry it's not going to be able to run newer games, you may be able to find a workaround in the form of 3D-Analyze. This emulator is designed specifically to help older computers weather the strain that comes from running comparatively high intensity games from past their shelf life. While you can't count on it to work magic, it can help you in a pinch and scale the performance of the newest games to match the capabilities of your rig.

Most games offer performance sliders that allow the user to tweak their experience and ensures that these games can run on as many machines as possible. But 3D-Analyze takes this premise countless steps further. Pulling up the 3D-Analyze menu will provide you with a huge checklist of options you can turn on and off to manipulate your game's performance. It can seem overwhelming at first, and if you aren't well versed in graphics technology, you may end up needing a little help to figure out exactly what's going on. Keep in mind that 3D-Analyze does more than just tweak the performance of your existing video card. Instead it serves as a video card emulator, filling in the gaps where your video card is incapable of processing the necessary information or even outright serving as a substitute in situations where your card is in way too deep and unable to understand what's being asked of it.

3D-Analyze isn't an ideal solution for playing games. In many situations, it only mitigates the problem: making games playable by virtue of reducing rather than outright eliminate problems with stuttering and crashes. But for a piece of software that's completely free to use, it gets the job done, and the core principles running it are genuinely pretty impressive.


  • Fills in for your graphics card and can even temporarily override it in extreme circumstances
  • Regularly updated and completely free to use for everyone


  • Settings menu can be daunting in its size and complexity, and new users may have to search the internet in pursuit of clear answers
  • Initial installation and configuration may be intimidating to less technically oriented users

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